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Frequently Asked Questions

How to show products in a Joomla content(article) using jCart?

1. Install jCart content plugin ( using Joomla menu Extensions->Extension Manager
2. Enable this plugin from Extensions->Plug-in Manager
3.You will see many options(add to cart,description etc) in plugin edit page to show your product in the article.
4.In article put your product shortcode code as follows:
For jCart
[jcart product_id=id]
id should be an integer which is the product id number.You will see it in browser URL of product edit page from jCart Admin Panel.
e.g. [jcart product_id=49]

You can also display a module(e.g. featured,latest,specials etc module) in your Joomla article using following shortcode
For jCart
[jcart extension_id=id]
e.g [jcart extension_id=featured]
e.g [jcart extension_id=featured_multiple_columns]
e.g [jcart extension_id=featured.28]
e.g [jcart extension_id=featured.28_multiple_columns]

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