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How to install a new OpenCart extension in Joomla module postions using JooCart?

1. Download your new extension from OpenCart Extensions see the Readme file provided with your new extension.
New third party OpenCart extensions can be installed easily with JooCart as like as OpenCart.
2. Install them from JooCart Admin Panel Menu: Extensions->Extension Installer
3. If you need to upload files manually for this extension,then upload the files of your new extension to your_joomla_site_path\components\com_opencart folder.
4. Go to JooCart Menu Extensions->Extensions->Modules ,find your new installed module then install and enable it.
If you want to display this module as a Joomla! left/right side module then you need to follow the following steps too
5. Go to Joomla menu: Extensions->Manage->Install
6. Install file from modules folder(you will get all the modules in your downloaded JooCart package Modules\1.5.x or 1.6.x-3.x folder.) using this Joomla menu: Extensions->Manage->Install
Just browse module and click "Upload & Install" button from "Upload Package File" section.
7. Now go to Extensions->Modules ,then click on "New" button

8.Select "New Custom Module"

9.Now give your new installed opencart extension's ID(e.g. category, cart, bestseller, special, featured, information, latest, google_talk, affiliate, manufacturer, account, login,featured_multiple_columns, featured.28,featured.28_multiple_columns etc) and Title and Save it.Extension id is same as extension's file name.

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